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UTC is a single source of your Used Textile machinery solutions. UTC works worldwide with their business associate concerns placed in Europe, USA, Canada, India and other countries of the world to meet the global need of our clients.

Quality providers are our suppliers who are well conscious of our quality extremes with valuable cost. UTC has international portfolio of selected contractors who provide excellent procurement on our demand. Our warehouse spaced by 16,500Sq Feet covered Area enough for holding a large quantity of Textile equipment. The space of our warehouse is showing the credence of our business that fulfills our clients demand...

Latest Products

Ref. No SA07666-SCT
5 x Trutzschler TC03 Carding Machines
Type : Chute Feed | YOC : 2004 | Model : TC03 | Delivery Time : Immediate |

Can Size:CA600, Auto Can Changer, Auto Leveller, Chute Feed DFK, test run possible before delivery

Ref. No SA07667-SCR
20 x Rieter C-51 Hi Per Card Machines
YOC : 1999 | EL : 400v/60hz | Model : C51 Hiper | Delivery Time : Immediate |

IGS (Integrated Grinding System )= Yes, Compressed air requirement: 6 Bar, Licker-in: one licker-in system (wire size 3445 ), Number of suction hoods front: 4, Number of suction hoods back: 5, Stationary Flats: 3 back & 3 front   Cylinder size: 50 x 40, Doffer size: 20x40, Top set of flats: 104, Auto Can Changer, Can Size: 1000 x 1200, Suction for Waste: Automatic ( central suction above), Cylinder wire size: 6100, Doffer wire size: 4417, Top set of flats: Meshing 40 wire #HX33  

Ref. No SA07665-SWM
4 x Murata 21 C Process Coner
Type : Magazine Feed | YOC : 2002,4,5,7 | No. of Spindles : 60 | Model : 21C | Delivery Time : Immediate |

G2Z Splicer, Steel Drums, Clearers: Uster Quantum 2, 9 pocket magazine, Over Head Traveling Cleaner