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UTC is a single source of your Used Textile machinery solutions. UTC works worldwide with their business associate concerns placed in Europe, USA, Canada, India and other countries of the world to meet the global need of our clients.

Quality providers are our suppliers who are well conscious of our quality extremes with valuable cost. UTC has international portfolio of selected contractors who provide excellent procurement on our demand. Our warehouse spaced by 16,500Sq Feet covered Area enough for holding a large quantity of Textile equipment. The space of our warehouse is showing the credence of our business that fulfills our clients demand...

Latest Products

Ref. No SA06597-SDT
6 x Toyoda DYH500C Drawing Machines
Type : without Autoleveler | YOC : 1990-91 | Delivery Time : Immediate |

double delivery, 20" can size, 5 over 4 drafting system, without auto leveller, excellent condition

Ref. No SA06596-SRT
13 x Toyoda RY5 Ring Spinning Frames
YOC : 1987 | EL : 440v/50hz | No. of Spindles : 864 | Model : RY5 | Delivery Time : August, 2015 |

Spindle Gauge: 75mm, Type of spindle: SKF(Aluminium Adopter), Lift: 7", Spindle Wharve Dia: 19.5mm, Drafting: SKF PK 225, Cradle: Short, Bottom Roll Dia: 27mm, Pneumafil Suction System: Manual, Steel Ring Dia: 38 x 54mm, Creel: 6 Rows, Top Clearer: Available: 

Ref. No SA06595-LYU
1 x Uster HVI Fiber Testing Equipment
YOC : 2003 | Model : HVI Spectrum | Delivery Time : Immediate |

Fully automatic, length & strength; length module used for measurement of length parameters such as UHML, ML, Uniformity & SFI etc and Strength module bundle strength in gram/tex and elongation in %. - Mic module : Measurement of Microniare- Color & Trash module: color Module measure Reflectance (Rd) and Brightness (+b) and Moisture module & UV module- Optional Bale Manager software used for blowroom bale selection & Qualiprofile software for standards & classification of cotton- Windows operating platform with LCD display & printer. System is calibrated and checked using USDA standard calibration samples